Pet Crematorium

Pet Crematorium

Over the Rainbow BridgeMost of us have experienced the loss of a pet that we have grown to love and depend on. A relationship of this nature is the result of the accumulation of years of mutual love and dependence. With this relationship in mind, there is no better way to preserve and honor these memories than with the help and assistance of Over the Rainbow Bridge Pet Crematorium.

They were a member of your family and you care what happens to them. The loss of a loved family pet is always an unhappy experience. Just as we care about our pet's health and comfort today; we are concerned with the safe and humane disposition of our pet after its passing. Pets enrich our life beyond measure. They give us the comfort of their companionship. Pets accept us without criticism or judgment, and they provide the one thing that few people are able to give: unconditional love.

Remembering the years of love and care given to your pet and the companionship and devotion returned, your pet's memory will remain long after its life with you over.

One of the keys to ensuring the quality of integrity of any cremation service for our loyal companions, is to look for a facility where you will find people striving to repay animals for their unique and valued contribution to us and society.

Our sole purpose is to provide the type of service you desire. We do everything we can to help make whatever arrangements that you want. A variety of offerings is the basis of our service.

Over the Rainbow Bridge
Pet Crematorium
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Individual Cremation

Those pet owners who choose individual cremation can have the remains of their pet returned as early as the next day. The pet is returned to the owner in a beautiful urn, with a certificate of cremation.

Communal Cremation

This option maintains a high level of dignity. The pet is cremated with other pets and the remains are scattered in our lovely wooded area