Dog Boarding Activities

Today’s family pets are extremely social. That’s why activities and human interaction are such a critical part of their well-being. This is more important while they’re away from home. We have found that activities provide a comfort to dogs. They become engaged and look forward to playing with furry friends. If your dog prefers hanging out with humans, our staff is eager to play fetch, go for stimulating walks or cuddle.

Optional activities and treats include:

  • Nature walks
  • Frisbee & ball catch
  • Pool swimming
  • Walking & jogging
  • Extra TLC cuddle time
  • Movie night
  • Story time
  • Warmed blanket
  • Bed time tuck-in
  • Night walks
  • Business walks
  • Bizzy bones
  • Barksicle ice cream
  • Holiday meals
  • Bark-B-Que
  • Pupsicle
  • Gourmet cookie
  • Continental Breakfast
  • Pizza party
  • Pet picture
  • Signature bath

Two dog running and chasing on the lawn

Activity Packages

Because activities are so important to the well-being of dogs, we have bundled some of our most popular dog boarding activities into activity packages.

Our reservation specialists are happy to discuss our fun filled activity packages that your pet can enjoy during their stay with us. Call us to learn more.

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